The Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon … Nope!

I recently received an invitation via email from someone I’ve been considering for a trek guide in Nepal. The invitation is for the Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon. Yep, the starting line is at 17,000 feet. (Do you have any idea of how very little oxygen is up there?) My first reaction was, “Whaaaaaaaaaaa??????” My second… Uhhhhh, NOPE! Unless the zombie apocalypse has happened, and I am being chased by the hoard, this chick ain’t running. Anywhere!

Let’s get this straight. I am SLOWLY making my way back to being fit. Maybe my blog title “From Couch to Everest” was confusing? Was it??? I actually meant my butt has been on the couch for years. I’m making a commitment to my family and friends to¬†get healthy and fit. I’m making this process public to make myself accountable, to inspire some of my friends to join me, and to maybe make some new friends along the way. I am not a runner. Hell, I don’t even like to walk much, but I am making a commitment to getting fit.

I may have to admit that I chose my ultimate goal of doing the Everest Base Camp (15 day) Trek…poorly…but my butt WILL be out there trekking to Everest in Spring 2018. That I know. I also know it won’t be running a freaking marathon at 17,000 ft (or anywhere else) for, like, ever! Just a little heads-up there…